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  Departmental Sites  
1. भा. मौ. वि. वि. - राजभाषा पटल
2. O/o ADGM(R), Pune
3. Upper Air Instrument Division, New Delhi
4. Surface Instrument Division, Pune
5. Agriculture Meteorology Division, Pune
6. Meteorological Training Institute, Pune
7. Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai
8. Regional Meteorological Centre, Guwahati
9. Regional Meteorological Centre, Kolkata
10. Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai
11. Regional Meteorological Centre, Nagpur
12. Regional Meteorological Centre, New Delhi
13. Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata
14. Cyclone Warning Centre Visakhapatnam
15. Meteorological Centre Ahmedabad
16. Meteorological Centre Bhubaneshwar
17. Meteorological Centre Bengaluru
18. Meteorological Centre Bhopal
19. Meteorological Centre Chandigarh
20. Meteorological Centre Gangtok
21. Meteorological Centre Goa
22. Meteorological Centre Hyderabad
23. Meteorological Centre Jaipur
24. Meteorological Centre Lucknow
25. Meteorological Centre Raipur
26. Meteorological Centre Shimla
27. Meteorological Centre Srinagar
28. Meteorological Centre Thiruvananthapuram

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